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Annual Vs Perennial Flowers

annual vs perennial flowers

    perennial flowers
  • A perennial plant or simply perennial (Latin per, "through", annus, "year") is a plant that lives for more than two years. The term is often used to differentiate a plant from shorter lived annuals and biennials.

  • (botany) a plant that completes its entire life cycle within the space of a year

  • Occurring once every year

  • Calculated over or covering a period of a year

  • completing its life cycle within a year; "a border of annual flowering plants"

  • a reference book that is published regularly once every year

  • (of a plant) Living for a year or less, perpetuating itself by seed

the first Flowers of 2010 in my Garden

the first Flowers of 2010 in my Garden

Crocus (plural: crocuses, croci) is a genus of perennial flowering plants, native to a large area from coastal and subalpine areas of central and southern Europe (including the islands of the Aegean), North Africa and the Middle East, across Central Asia to western China.

The genus Crocus is placed botanically in the iris family (Iridaceae). The plants grow from corms and are mainly hardy perennials, and are found in a wide range of habitats, including woodland, scrub and meadows.

There are about eighty species of crocus (of which approximately 30 are cultivated). Their cup-shaped, solitary, salverform flowers taper off into a narrow tube. Their color varies enormously, although lilac, mauve, yellow and white are predominant. The grass-like, ensiform leaf[1] shows generally a white central stripe along the leaf axis. The leaf margin is entire. Crocuses typically have three stamens. The spice saffron is obtained from the stigmas of Crocus sativus, an autumn/fall-blooming species.

The name of the genus is derived from the Greek krokos (??????). This in turn is probably a loan word from a Semitic language, related to Hebrew karkom, Aramaic kurkama, Persian and Arabic kurkum, which mean saffron or saffron yellow

Behold the Fuschia

Behold the Fuschia

The story of the Fuschia:

Back before I had developed a love for gardening, I was um, relatively clueless about the types of flowers (even annual vs perennial).

One day, being a new driver with access to a vehicle, my mother asked me to go to the store and buy hanging baskets for her and our neighbor, Mary, because the impatients were on sale. She asked me to pick out two pink or red for Mary, and a fuschia for her.

I came back with two pink impatients for Mary and two fuschia ones for my mom.

Apparently, a fuschia, and a fuschia COLORED impatient are not the same.

annual vs perennial flowers

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