Peacock Feather Wedding Bouquets. Valentines Day Flowers And Gifts.

Peacock Feather Wedding Bouquets

peacock feather wedding bouquets

    peacock feather
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peacock feather wedding bouquets - Calla Lilly

Calla Lilly Boutonniere - beaded flower lapel pin - navy blue peacock

Calla Lilly Boutonniere - beaded flower lapel pin - navy blue peacock

Beautiful beaded calla lilly boutonniere pin professionally handmade using tiny iridescent navy blue glass beads; strung and stitched one bead at a time.

The center features a bouquet of matching iridescent crystals, glass drops and tiny stars.

Attached to a silver 3-inch (7.5cm) long boutonniere lapel pin.
Also available with a gold pin upon request.

The calla lilly measures 2.5 inches in length. (6cm)

The entire pin measures 4 inches in length. (10cm)

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Peacock theme wedding bouquet - $25

Peacock theme wedding bouquet - $25

Peacock feather handheld rehearsal / wedding bouquet - $25
I made this bouquet myself for rehearsal. This could be used as a wedding bouquet if you are having a peacock themed wedding and the silk roses in the bouquet are orange which is perfect for a Fall wedding. I wrapped the bouquet in a sage satin ribbon.

Blue and Green Bouquet with Peacock Feathers

Blue and Green Bouquet with Peacock Feathers

Another style of the funky peacock feather bouquet. Green garden roses, delphinium and green cymbidium orchids accented with foliages and peacock feathers

peacock feather wedding bouquets

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